Now In development, aiming for even more autism than the original Fungi VS Ghouls.

it even has animations

use the Downloads for better performance and better visuals (some effects are not in the browser verson). Additionally, the Download versions support online Multiplayer.

If you experience Performance Problems, turn off ambient smoke (Performance heavy). if that dosn't help turn foliage or particles down.


Dedicated 217 MB
FVG2.apk 196 MB
Download 172 MB

Install instructions

Pc: Download the .zip file, unzip/extract it and use the .exe file to run it. Make shure to unzip/extract it only inside a folder, since the .zip file contains multiple files that the game needs to run.

Android: Download the .apk file, and let the android apk installer install it (you should get a prompt that asks you if it should do that).

Dedicated Server: Run the Windows server Bat, or open the server .exe directly. The rest should be automatic.

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